MIA Waist Trainer (Zipper Style)

MIA Waist Trainer (Zipper Style)

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Create a contoured shape with our waist trainer that fits perfectly to the body, pushes up the chest, slims lower abdomen without any discomfort, locks free fat, and gives a more powerful shaping support.


  • A zipper fastening for easy wear and go 
  • Velcro Double strap hugs torso to target fat in the abdominal area for additional support to your core and increased compression
  • Ability to adjust the waistline to meet fitness needs of different stages
  • High quality neoprene design with steel bone and a comfortable inner fabric  for long-lasting wear

Care instructions: hand wash in warm water and air-dry flat. Do not bleach or iron. 


Do you have a bulge, love handles, or a big mid-section? If so, this waist trainer is for you. Designed to help slim your abdomen and give you a smaller waist circumference.

Strongly recommended for those undergoing body contouring treatments at Mirror Image Aesthetics.


Anytime of the day for at least 5-8 hours and during exercise. Wear this to support your back, sweat more, burn fat, lose water weight faster, and get faster results from your workouts. Comfortable on top of or underneath your clothes.


Best results when closed comfortably and fully covers your midsection and lower-back to tighten your core and waist. Comfortable on top of or underneath your clothes.